1. Eric Heatherly The Lower East Side of Life (AGR)


 2. David Andrews Get Me Out Of This Place (Siren Music)


 3. Rustie Blue Chip Chip (CSP)


 4. Cindy Boste Scrambled Eggs (The Rose St. Sessions) (Sound Vault)


 5. Debbie Nunn Always In My Heart (Ambitious)


 6. Michael Ubaldini Avenue Of 10 Cent Hearts (Blackwater)


 7. Franklin Delano Like A Smoking Gun In Front Of Me (Madcap Collective)


 8. Polgate Scarfish Love On Wings Of Mojo Wire (Green)


 9. J.P. Jones Thugs And Lovers (Vision Company)


10. Jef Chandler Everything Good Is On Tthe Highway (1F)


11. Ronnie Fuller His Greatest Songs (Comstock)


12. Kenny Hall & The Skiffle Symphony All Day Long& All Night Long (Skiffle Symphony)