1. The Wrenfields Seconds (Comstock)

2. Wayne Hancock Swing Time (Bloodshot)

3. Robert Ealr Keen The Party Never Ends (Sugar Hill)

4. Emory Joseph Labor & Spirits (Capsaicin)

5. The Waifs Up All Night (Hot/Jarrah)

6. The Forresters Skindeep (Tom Thumb)

7. John Lilly Last Chance To Dance (John Lilly Music)

8. Cracker/Leftover Salmon O Cracker Where Art Thou? (Pitch-a-tent);

9. John Danley Cemeteries, Missed Trains & Blue Skies (A Priori)

10. Barzin Barzin (Ocean Music)

11. Fletcher Jowers Church At The Wagon (Pistol Hill Music)

12. Rocky Athas Group Miracle (Armadillo)