1. Cheap Wine Moving (Cheap Wine)

2. Dan Israel Time I Get Home (Eclectone)

3. Steve Bice Sixty Minutes Of Sin (Sin Citizen)

4. Bad Bob Bad To The Bow (Own Label)

5. Jeff Talmadge Blissville (CoraZong)

6. Loomer Love Is A Dull Instrument (Newtone)

7. Amy Fradon Passions Angels (Leo Rising)

8. Patti Casey Just An Old Sweet Song (Long Shot Music)

9. Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys Live At Mechanics Hall (Acoustic Disc)

10. Elliott & The Untouchables Voodoo Stew (Blue Point)

11. Ralston Carwreck Conversations (Soft Butter)

12. Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully Acoustically Native

13. Stephanie Davis Crocus In The Snow (Recluse)

14. Connie Lee Turner Dreams (Comstock)

15. Eric Bibb Friends (DixieFrog)  

 16. Mark Merryman & The Canyon Rats Scenic Byways (
Own Label)

17. Terry Lee Hale Celebration What For (Blue Rose)

18. Eric Lugosch New Tradition (Acoustic Music)