1. Albert Lee Road Runner (Sugar Hill)

 2. Michael Coppola Monster Guitar (Kalo)  

 3. Marisa Yeaman Pure Motive (Deep Pearl)  

 4. Brooksie Wells Been There (Comstock)

 5. Karen Taylor-Good How Many Women (Insight)

 6. Misty River Midwinter: Songs Of Christmas (Misty River)

 7. Sarah Borges Silver City (Blue Corn)

 8. Summer & The Sinners Boogie With The Devil (Buddy Love Productions)

 9. Daddy Mack Blues Band Slow Ride (Inside Sounds)  

10. Jeff Wilkinson Landscapes (Brambus)

11. Tandy Did You Think I Was Gone? (Yellow Slipper)

12. Black Water Gospel Black Water Gospel (Fat Caddy)  

13. William Hut Days To Remember (CoraZong)

14. Roberto Dalla Vecchia Grateful (F-Net)  

15. Leah Abramson Bedroom/City (Copperspine)

16. The Lewis 3 Perfect World (Sanctuary)

17. Chris Cotton I Watched The Devil Die (Yellow Dog)   

18. Root Doctor Been A Long Time Coming (Big O)

19. Southwind Looking Back (Southwind Productions)

20. Joe Paul Nichols Too Much Texas In Me (Custom)