1.  Norman Blake Wood, Wire & Words (Western Jubilee)    

 2. Steve Hill Solo Recordings, volume 1 (No Label)  

 3. Steve Hill Solo Recordings, Volume 2 (No Label)

 4. Suzanne Jarvie Spiral Road (Suzanne Jarvie)      

 5. Russ Carson Avenue Of The giants (Patuxent  


 6. Matthew Ryan Boxers (Blues Rose)   

 7. Amanda Biggs Amanda Biggs (Howling Dog)  

 8. Christmas Jug Band Jugology (Globe)

 9. Sue Young & Rusty Nelson Back road Love (Motherlotus)  

10. Lighthouse Lighthouse (Moody Maraccas)    

11. Magnus Berg Cut Me Loose (Magnus Berg)

12. VV.AA. CaledoniaVille II (Medicine Show