1. The Orphan Brigade Soundtrack To A Ghost Story (Appaloosa)     

 2. Shoebox Letters The Road Not Taken

   (Shoebox Letters)    

 3. Bobby Long Ode To Thinking (Copmass)

 4. Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You

  (Put Together)

 5. VV.AA. Angels Sing The Blues (Earwig)  

 6. Emma Soleil Time Falls (Acoustic Seeds)   

 7. Auburn Mixed Feelings (Bat Country)  

 8. Hillfolk Noir Pop Songs For elk (Hillfolk Noir)

 9. Taj Mahal & The Hula Blues Band Live From Kauai (Kuleana Music)

10. Reverend Freakchild Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues (Treated & Released)

11. Kathy Kallick Band Foxhounds (Live Oak)

12. VV.AA. The Patuxent Banjo Project (Patuxent Music)