1. Elana James Black Beauty (Snarf)           

 2. The Snyders Growing Pains (The Snyders)

 3. Los Pacaminos A Fistful Of Statins (Cherry Red)

 4. Stephen Hunley The Other Side Of Never

  (Stiff Ink)   

 5. Brother Dege Scorched Earth Policy (American


 6. Markus James Head For The Hill (Firenze)   

 7. Martin Kaplan The Slow down (Martin Kaplan Music)

 8. Katie Garibaldi Follow You Heart (Living Dream Music)

 9. Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition Lessons Learned (  

10. Owl Country Owl Country (Llama Shed Music)   

11. David Llewellyn & Ida Kristin Songs Around The Kitchen Table (Dab Hand)

12. Ethan Johns The Reckoning (Three Crows)