1. VV.AA. – Looking Into You: A Tribute To Jackson Browne (ATO)          

 2. Special Consensus – Country Boy: A Bluegrass   

  Tribute To John Denver (Compass)

 3. Bob Woodruff – The Year We Tried To Kill The

  Pain (Rootsy)

 4. Hat Check Girl – Goodbye Butterfield (Gallway

  Bay Music)   

 5. Oklahoma Ollie – OKO Now & Then (Rock Socal)  

 6. The Hard Working Americans – The Hard Working Americans (Melvin)    

 7. Dietrich Strause – Little Stones To Break The Giant’s Heart (Dietrich Strause)  

 8. Jim & Jesse with The Virginia Boys – Radio Shows (Rural Rhythm)

 9. Wyatt Easterling – Goodbye Hello (Phoenix Rising)  

10. Dave Keyes – Right Here Right Now (Keysland Music)