1. Thisell 1 (Continental Song City)     

 2. De Soto Causcus De Soto Causcus (Glitterbeat)  

 3. Gabriel Delta Brothes (Banksville)

 4. D.B. Rielly Cross My Heart + Hope To Die (D.B.


 5. Eden Brant Jigsaw Heart (Yello Dog)

 6. Bryan Sutton Into My Own (Sugar Hill)   

 7. Fernande McNabb Fernande McNabb (Ranch)

 8. Tommy Malone Poor Boy (M.C.)

 9. The Deadfields Often Wrong, Never In Doubt (The Deadfields)  

10. Kent Burnside My World Is So Cold (Lucky 13)

11. Michael Bloomfield From His Head To His Heart To His Hands (Legacy)

12. Trinity River Band Better Than Blue (Orange Blossom)