1. Empire Roots Band Harlem Street Singer (Acoustic Sessions)              

 2. VV.AA. Classic African American Songsters

  (Smithsonian Folkways)  

 3. Matt Ellis The Greatest Escape (Krow Pie)

 4. Steve Bell Pilgrimage (Signpost)   

 5. Sheila MacDonald Tangle Of Trees (Sheila


 6. Doug Seegers Going Down To The River (Rounder)   

 7. Dick LeMasters One Bird, Two Stones (Dick LeMasters)

 8. Brant Croucher Blanco Country Lights (White Cat)

 9. Michael Nesmith Movies Of The Mind: Live 2013 (Pacific Arts)  

10. Billy Boy Arnold The Blues Soul Of Billy Boy Arnold (Stony Plain)   

11. Dale Ann Bradley Catch Tomorrow (Compass)

12. Oh Susanna Namedropper (Stella)