1. Terry Lee Hale The Long Draw (Glitterhouse)          

 2. David Francey So Say We All (Greentrax)  

 3. I See Hawks In L.A. Mystery Drug (Western


 4. George Jones The Complete United Artists Solo

  Singles (Omnivore)   

 5. Buddy Guy Rhythm & Blues (Silvertone)  

 6. The Deadly Gentlemen Roll Me, Tumble Me (Rounder)   

 7. Patricia Vonne Rattle My Cage (Patricia Vonne)  

 8. Nancy Cassidy Memphis (Twitter Twatter)

 9. Lauren Sheehan The Light Still Burns (Wilson River)

10. The Coals A Happy Animal (The Coals)   

11. Darden Smith Love Calling (Compass)

12. The Looking Songs For A Traveler (Astraea)