1. Willie Nelson – To All The Girls (Legacy)               

 2. Hank Woji – Holy Ghost Town (KZ)  

 3. C. Daniel Boling – Sleeping Dogs (Berkalin)

 4. Spin Doctors – If The River Was Whiskey


 5. The Steel Wheels – No More Rain (The Steel  


 6. Rambling Nicholas Heron – Cannot Feel At Home In This World Anymore (Red Top)

 7. Show Ponies –We’re Not Lost (Show Ponies)

 8. Brian Vollmer – Old Time Music Party (Patuxent Music)

 9. Ron Beer – The Blues Don’t Say It All (Boogie Boy Blues)

10. Greg Trooper – Incident On Willow Street (Appaloosa)   

11. Carrie Day – Life Is Like This (Carrie Day)

12. Nu Blu – 10 (Rural Rhythm)