1. Woody Guthrie – American Radical Patriot (Rounder)   

 2. Milagro Saints – Mighty Road Songs: A Handful Of

  Tunes By Woody Guthrie (Milagro Saints)  

 3. Steve Howell & The Mighty Men – Yes, I Believe I

  Will (Out Of The Past Music)

 4. Dave Van Ronk – Down In Washington Square:

  The Smithsonian/Folkways Collection


 5. VV.AA. – Christmas Time’s A’Coming (Medicine Show) 

 6. The Deadfields – Often Wrong, Never In Doubt (The Deadfields)   

 7. The Strange Tones – At Home With The Strange Tones (Sonic Meteor)  

 8. Dave Keyes – Right Here Right Now (Keyesland Music)

 9. Joe West & The Santa Fe Revue – Blood Red Velvet (Frogville)  

10. Willie Nelson – To All The Girls (Legacy)   

11. Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman – We Made It Home (Make Mender)

12. Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers – Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions