1. Preservation Hall Jazz Band St. Peter &
57th Street (Rounder)   

 2. Billy Bratcher In The Lobby (Cow Island Music)

 3. Bill Staines Beneath Some Lucky Star (Red House)

 4. VV.AA. Christmas In The Mountains (Rebel)

 5. Piedmont Brothers Band III (Marco Zanzi)

 6. Change Of Key When Music Calls My Name (COK)

 7. Angie Palmer Old Sticks To Scare A Bird (Akrasia)  

 8. VV.AA. Mississippi Saxophone (Blues Boulevard)

 9. Jude Davison Head Bone Gumbo (Slipstream)

10. Steve Bell Keening
For The Dawn (Signpost)

11. Gibson Brothers Help My Brother (Compass)

12. Randy Kaplan Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie (Kazzo Music)