1. Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals Bow And Be Simple (Berklain)e            

 2. Grant Peeples Prior Convinctions (Gator Bone)  

 3. Deanna Brown The Plunge (Ocean)

 4. Glen Campbell Oil On Canvas (Surfdog)

 5. Jim McCarty & Friends Live From Callahan (Cally's Records & Taps)

 6. Katya Chorover Big Big Love (Cat And The Monn)

 7. Whiskey Myers Firewater (Wiggy Thump)

 8. Merl Johnson Better Man (Patuxent Music)

 9. Stephanie Fagan Heart Thief (Yonder Music)

10. C.C. Bronson Bluesarella (C.C. Bronson)   

11. Two Gentlemen Band Two At A Time (Bean-Tone)

12. Penny Ney The Hardest Truth (One Blessed Penny)