1. Beppe Gambetta Collection (Acoustic Music)       

 2. Beppe Gambetta Live At Teatro Della Corte: The First 10 Years (Gadfly)  

 3. Tony Rice The Bill Monroe Collection (Rounder)

 4. VV.AA. Life Goes On: Musicians Against Childhood Cancer (Rural Rhythm)   

 5. Marty Stuart Nashville, Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down (Sugar Hill)  

 6. VV.AA. Run For The Roses: Celebrating the Music Of Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter
     And The Jerry Garcia Band (Rex Foundation)

 7. Red Wine Serenaders D.O.C. (Unnecessary)

 8. Beppe Gambetta Rendez Vous (Gadfly)  

 9. Beppe Gambetta Slade Stomp (Too Much)

10. VV.AA. The Best Of The Camp Concert Series 1998 (Sleeping Bear)   

11. Beppe Gambetta Blu Di Genova (Felmay)

12. La Bottine Souriante En Spectacle (Mille-Pattes)

13. Woody Guthrie Columbia River Collection (Rounder)   

14. Pasquale Taraffo O Rau (Il Fronimo)

15. I See Hawks In L.A. New Kind Of Lonely (Western Skies)


Ospite in studio: Beppe Gambetta