1. Michael And The Lonesome Playboys Last Of The Honky Tonks (Blackwater)       

 2. Nancy Cassidy Song Of Joy (Twitter Twatter)  

 3. David Francey Late Edition (Greentrax)

 4. Red Hook Rapids Closer To Home (Federal Combos)

 5. Oregon Valley Boys All Roads Lead To Howell Prairie (Will-Am-It)

 6. Tumbledown House Fables And Falsehoods (Silent Coyote Music)

 7. Ed Romanoff Ed Romanoff (Ed Romanoff)

 8. Mack Evans Pawn Shop Guitar (Storm Of The Century Music)

 9. The Lewis Brothers Folk & Campfire Songs (Wi-Fi)

10. Keegan McInroe A Thousand Dreams (Keegan McInrore)   

11. Nancy Beaudette Honestly (Nancy Beaudette)

12. Amy England Summertown (Amy England)