1. Gregg Allman Low Country Blues (Rounder)   

 2. Frank Salis /H3O Mad Dog (UltraSound)  

 3. Stagger And Sway Break Til You Bend (Working Stiff)

 4. Dick Weissman New Traditions (Folk Era)     

 5. Brian Langlinais Tonight I Might (Blue Boot)

 6. Delaney Gibson Hurricanes And Forget Me Nots (Green Fairie Girl)

 7. T-Bone Walker Armadillo 2 (Retroworld)  

 8. Davis Coen Jukebox Classic (Soundview)

 9. Luke Powers Hwy 100 (Phoebe Clair)

10. Tom Jones Praise And Blame (Lost Highway)   

11. Nicky Swann Matches And Dispactches (Nicky Swann)

12. Gary Wright Connected (Larkio)