1. Wentus Blues Band
Woodstock (Ruf)  

 2. Marcello Milanese Like A Wolf In A Chicken Shack (Hell El Uja)

 3. The Roys Lonesome Whistle (Rural Rhythm)

 4. Tom Mindte & Jeremy Stephens Radio Favorites & Sacred Songs (Patuxent

  5. Sarah MacDougall Across The Atlantic (Sarah MacDougall)

 6. Cid Bealer ReCline (Kuger)

 7. Kevin Jones Raising The Ebenezer (Taxim)  

 8. Poco Head Over Heels + Cimarron (BGO)

 9. Hot Tuna Steady As She Goes (Red House)  

10. Delta Reign Home (Delta Reign)   

11. Howard Gladstone Roots And Rain (Howard Gladstone)

12. Maggie Bjorklund Coming Home (Bloodshot)