1. Southlands The Morning Sky (Fortuna)                

 2. Erik Brandt Sometimes (House Of Mercy)

 3. Jester At Work Lo Fi, Back To Tape (Twelve)

 4. Joe Cassady & The West End Sound The 47th Problem (Avenue A)

 5. Terri Hendrix Left Overalls (Wilory)

 6. Paul Reddick Sugar Bird (Northern Blues)   

 7. Ralston Bowles Rally At The Texas Hotel (Wildflower)

 8. Glenna Bell The Road Less Travelled (Own Label)

 9. Deena Somewhere In Blue (Life Force)

10. Willie Stradlin Willie Stradlin (Own Label)

11. Steve Haggerty & The Wanted Better Days (Maximum Talk)

12. Jon Brooks Ours And The Shepherds (Exile Music)