1. Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream On Mondays – Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up
    (Little Sandwich Music)  

 2. The Piedmont Brothers Band – Bordertown (RCM)  

 3. Stephen Hedley – Scenes (Wundertone)

 4. Brian Molnar & The Naked Hearts – Temperance & The Devil (Avenue A) 

 5. My Brave Love – Heaven In Your Arms (Own Label)  

 6. Yarn – Empty Pockets (Ardsley Music)   

 7. Mark Delaney – Sidecar (Patuxent Music)

 8. Bobby Ray Spears – I’ve Made A Lot Of Friends Along The Way (Echoes Media)

 9. T Jarrod Quartet – Jazz Offerings To The Schnautzer King (The Music Room)  

10. Steven Charles Cecil – The Be-Bop Sessions (Smiling Pig)

11. VV.AA. – A Tribute To James “Yank” Rachell (Yanksville)

12. Bruce Cockburn – Anything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-2002 (True

13. Norine Braun – Acoustically Inclined (Brann Brains Music)

14. Amy Speace – The Killer In Me (Wildflower)   

15. Dead Men’s Hollow – Death Must Be A Woman (Acoustic Americana)

16. Rick Fowler – Back On My Good Feet (Jammates)


Ospite del programma, in diretta telefonica: Marco Zanzi
                                                                                                                                                                 (Piedmont Brothers Band)