1. Ben De La Cour Shadow Land (Flour Sack Cape)

 2. Jon Fox American Dirt
      (Jon Fox)

 3. Ashley McBride Never Will
      (Warner Music)

 4. Eli Misti El Misti  (El Misti)

 5. Gary Brewer & The KY Ramblers 
      40th Anniversary Celebration

 6. The Low Cards Pilgrims Wake (The Low Cards)   

 7. Gordon Lightfoot Solo (Rhino)  

 8. Wet Willie Wet Willie/ Wet Willie II (BGO)

 9. Johnny Rawls Live In Europe (Continental Blue Heaven)

10. Sugar Blue Colors (Jimmie Whiting)

11. Linda McRae Going To The Well (Trespass Music)     

12. Suzanna Ross Bewitched, Not Bothered, Not Bewildered
      (Suzanna Ross)