1. John Craigie – Asterisk The Universe (Zabriskie Point)            

 2. Secret Emchy Society – The
      Chaser (Secret Emchy Society)

 3. Gretchen Peters – The Night
      You Wrote That Song: The
      Songs Of  Mickey Newbury
      (Scarlet Letter)

 4. Courtney Marie Andrews – May
      Your Kindness Remain EP

 5. Ordinary Elephant – Honest
      (Ordinary Elephant)

 6. The Gospel Plowboys – When The Crops Are Laid By (Morning

 7. R.J. Chesney – Amateur Revolution (R.J. Chesney)

 8. Tilford Sellers – Switchyard South Sessions (Tilford Sellers)

 9. Phil Ochs – The Best Of The Rest: Rare & Unreleased Songs
      (Liberty Hall)

10. David Allan Coe – Live From The Iron Horse Saloon (Coe-Pop)

11. Jimmy Burns – The Chicago Sessions (Jimmy Burns)

12. Beegie Adair – Groover’s Hat Project (Adair’s Music Group)