1. Possessed By Paul James – As We Go Wandering (Hillgrass

 2. Heather Kropf – Lights

 3. Big Daddy Wilson –
     Deep In My Soul (Ruf)

 4. Ryan Farmer – Just Another
     Night (Ryan Farmer)

 5. Dale Boyle – Rewind (Dale
     Boyle Music)

 6. Big Jack Reynolds – That’s A
     Good Way To Get To Heaven
     (Third Street Ciag)

 7. Peter V Blue Train – Shaken But Not Deterred (Peter Veteska)

 8. Nora Jane Struthers – Bright Light, Long Drives, First Worlds (Blue

 9. Mary Thomas, Texas Queen Of Zydeco -Whiskey Drinking Woman
     (Mardi Gras)    

10. Tricia Spencer & Howard Reins - The Old Texas Fiddle, Vol. III
     (The Old-Time Tiki Parlour)

11. Joe Edwards – Keep On Running (Tiny Mountain)

12. Larry Sparks – Classic Bluegrass (Rebel)