1. Karen Jonas - The Southwest Sky and Other Dreams (At The Helm)    

 2. Susan Pepper The Prettiest
      Bird (Ballad)  

 3. Vanessa Collier Heart On The
      Line (Phenix Fire)

 4. Crary, Evans & Barnick
      Prime Time (Native And Fine)

  5. My Sister, My Brother My
       Sister, My Brother (Sounfly)

 6. Laura Nyro The Night Before Christmas: Mew York
      Broadcast 1970 (Leftfield)

 7. Our Man In The Field The Company Of Strangers (Rocksnob)   

 8. Scott Weis Band Simmer Me Down (Scott Weis Band)

 9. Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards Bitter Better (Compass)

10. Si Kahn The Best Of The Rest (Strictly Country)

11. Surrender Hill A Whole Lot Of Freedom (Blue Belly)

12. Scott B. Hiram Sould Out To The Devil (Bloodshot)