1. Thomm Jutz – To Live In Two Worlds, Vol. 2 (Mountain Home)    

 2. Tara Dente – Truth In The Mud

 3. Phil Madeira – Open Heart

 4. Michael Doucet – Lacher Prize

 5. Hurricane Ruth – Good Life
      (American Showplace)  

 6. Johnny Cash – Easy Rider: The Best Of The Mercury Recordings

 7. Jim Waller Big Band – Bucket List (Jim Waller Big Band)

 8. The Lowell Brothers – Leave On The Light (Powell Brothers Music)

 9. The Cadleys – Duets And Ballads (The Cadleys)  

10. O.S.T. – Blues: Pain Created To Heal The Pain (Earwig)   

11. Joe Ely – Love In The Midst Of Mayhem (Rock’em)

12. Ali Shumate – Every Bit Of Me (Hadley Music Group)