1. Thorbjoern Risager & The Black Tornado Come On In (Ruf)       

 2. Frank Bey All My Dues Are
     Paid (Nola Blue)  

 3. Hannah Frank Comes Love

 4. Anna Lynch Apples In The
      Fall (Ana Lynch)

 5. Hope In The High Water
     Bonfire & Pine (Fish)  

 6. Carson Peters & Iron Mountain Grass Stains (FCP Productions)

 7. Tracy Lawrence Made In America (Lawrence Music Group)  

 8. Eliza Meyer Hello Stranger (Eliza Meyer)

 9. Kristina Jacobsen Shelter (Kristina Jacobsen)

10. VV.AA. Blues Caravan 2019 (Ruf)   

11. Croy And The Boys Hey Come Back (Croy And The Boys)

12. Stephanie Hatfield Out This Fell (Free Box Music)