1. Pierce Pettis – Father’s Son (Compass)

 2. Craig Moreau – A Different
     Kind Of Train (Craig Moreau)  

 3. Arroyo Rogers – Single Wide
     (Arroyo Rogers)

 4. Joe Louis Walker, Bruce Katz &
     Giles Robson – Journeys To The
     Heart Of The Blues (Alligator) 

 5. Luther Dickinson & The Sisters
     Of The Strawberry Moon –
     Solstice (New West)

 6. Pamela Polland – Pamela Polland + Have You Heard The One
     About The Gas Station Attendant? (BGO)

 7. Kayla Ray – Yesterday And Me (Kayla Ray Music)     

 8. Bryan Bowers Band – Woodland Dream (Patuxent Music)

 9. Joan Baez – Whistling Down The Road (Proper)  

10. Brent Moyer – Doing Better Now (Brambus)   

11. Motel Mirrors – Gotta Lotta Rhythm (Wild Honey)  

12. Amber Cross – Savage On The Downhill (Two Red Doors)