1. Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys 30 Years Live! (Valcour)     

 2. John Arthur Martinez For The
     Love Of Western Swing (& Other
     Love Songs) (Jam)  

3. The Bellamy Brothers Over
     The Moon (Bellamy Brothers) 

 4. Michael Cleveland Tall
     Fiddler (Compass)

5. Randall Kaplan Shake It And
     Break It (Randy Kaplan)  

 6. Brigitte Purdy Still Rise (Dirtshack)

 7. The Plott Hounds Damn The Wind (The Plott Hounds)

 8. Jordi Baizan Free And Fine (Berkalin)   

 9. Buford Pope The Waiting Game (Unchained) 

10. Tip Jar Onward (Shine A Light) 

11. I See Hawks In L.A. + The Good Intentions Hawks With Good
     Intentions (Western Skies) 

12. The Resonant Rogues Autumn Of The World (The Resonant