1. Good Lovelies Shapeshfiters (Good Lovelies)            

 2. Resonant Rogues Autumn Of The
     World (Resonant Rogues)

 3. Copper viper Cut It Down, Count The
     Rings (Copper Viper)

 4. John Cee Stannard Moving On (Cast

 5. Hayes Carll What It Is (Dualtone)  

 6. Balsam Range Aeonic (Mountain Home)

 7. Massy Ferguson Great Divides (North & Left)  

 8. Dan Krikorian Grandeur (Dan Krikorian)

 9. Joshua Ray Walker Wish You Were Here (State Fair)  

10. Howe Gelb Gathered (Fire)   

11. Ms. Zeno The Mojo Queen Back In Love (Blue Lotus)

12. Louvat Bros. Between The Heart And Reason (Acoustic Music)