1. Brent Moyer Doing Better Now (Brambus)               

 2. Union Duke Golden Days
     (Union Duke)

 3. Tom Freund East Of Lincoln
     (Surf Road)

 4. Joanne Cash Unbroken
     (Proverbial Excellence)  

 5. Tim Stafford & Bobby Starnes
      What We Leae Behind: A
      Songwriters Collection (S&S)

 6. Watermelon Slim Church Of The Blues (Northern Blues)   

 7. John Pagano Band One More Round (Midnight Circus

 8. David Smith Carolina (David  Smith)

 9. Martha L. Healy Keep The Flame Alight (Martha L. Healy)       

10. VV.AA. Hallelujah: The Songs Of Leonard Cohen (Ace)   

11. John Cee Stannard Doob Doo Be Doo Wah (Cast Iron)

12. Claire Means Sidewalk Astronomy (Claire Means)