1. The Hackles A Dobritch Deed As A Dobritch Should (Jealous

 2. Allison De Groot & Tatiana
     Hargreaves - Allison De Groot &
     Tatiana Hargreaves (Free Dirt)    

  3. Dallas Burrow Southern Wind
     (Subliminal Hyminal)   

 4. Marti Brom & Her Rancho
      Notorious Midnight Bus

 5. John Dartnell Damn It All
     (Wine Stoned) 

 6. Lonesome River Band Outside Looking In (Mountain Home)           

  7. Bobby Rush Sitting On The Top Of The Blues (Deep Rush)

 8. Helen Rose Trouble Holding Back (Pirates Press) 

 9. Tiffany Pollock & Eric Johanson Blues In My Blood (Nola Blue)

10. New Riders Of The Purple Sage Thanksgiving In New York City

11. Carla Olson & Todd wolfe The Hidden Hill Sessions (Red Parlor)  

12. Jackson Emmer Jukebox (Lost Honey)