1. Kinky Friedman Resurrection (Echo Hills)      

 2. The Grascals Straighten The
     Curves (Crossroads)  

 3. Benjamin Jason Douglas First
     World Blues (Flour Sack Cape)

 4. B.B. King Blues Band
     The Soul  Of The King (Ruf)   

 5. Blind Lemon Jazz
      After Hours (Ofeh)

 6. Paul Warren World Greatest Breakdown Fiddle Player (CMH)   

 7. The HawThorns Morning Sun (Vidol)  

 8. Sam Reckless Dark Times On Glamroad (Acoustic Music)

 9. Mean Mary Cold (Woodrock)  

10. Steve Young Live In Holland (Strictly Country)

11. Rev. Shawn Amos Kitchen Table Blues Vol. 2 (Put Together)

12. Joshua Ray Walker Wish You Were Here (State Fair)