1. Artie Tobia – Driven (Red Tail Hawk)

 2. The Resonant Rogues –
      Autumn Of The World (The
      Resonant Rogues)

  3. Ted Russell Kamp – Walkin’
      Shoes (Poetry Of The Moment)   

 4. Ryan Bingham – American
      Love Song (Axster Bingham)

 5. Gene Clark – Gene Clark With
      The Gosdin Brothers

 6. Eric Bibb – Global Griot (DixieFrog)  

 7. Bob Sumner – Sings Wasted Love Songs (Bob Sumner)

 8. VV.AA. – Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout: Bluegrass Gospel Songs From
     The Pen Of Rick Lang (Billy Blue)

9. Mitch woods – A Tip Of The Hat To Fats (Blind Pig)  

10. John Mellencamp – Plain Spokes: From The Chicago Theater
     (Eagle Rock)