1. The Ponderosa Aces – No Particular Way (Mad Ducks Music)   

 2. VV.AA.  – Gonna Shout, Gonna
     Sing: Bluegrass Gospel From
     The Pen Of Rick Laing (Billy

 3. Trinity River Band – Unbroken
     (Orange Blossom)

 4. Roger Hubbard – The Best Of
     Roger Hubbard (Peppercake)   

 5. Kenny Rogers – The Best Of
      Kenny Rogers: Through The
      Years  (Capitol) 

 6. Colter Wall – Songs Of The Plains (Young Mary’s/Thirty Tigers) 

 7. Bossa Nova Beatniks – Surfin’ NYC (Bossa Nova Beatniks)  

 8. Kat Danser – Goin’ Gone (Black Hen Music)

 9. Clementine – Letting Go (Clé Music)

10. Yuri Apsi – Nothin’ But The Blues(Yuri Apsi)   

11. Kate Chapman Band – EP (Kat Chapman)

12. Beauf Weevils – Songs In The Key Of E (Blue Hat)