1. Jason Boland & The Strugglers Hard Times Are Relative (Proud

 2. Giulia Millanta Conversation
     With A Ghost (Ugly Cat Music)  

 3. Holly Near 2018 (Calico Tracks)

 4. Laurie Morvan Gravity
     (Screaming Lizard)   

 5. Steve Dawson Lucky Hand
     (Black Hand Music)  

 6. Daniel Greeson Done Gone
    (Patuxent Music)   

 7. Mongrel State Mestizo (Darren Flynn & Claudio Mercante)

 8. Michael McDermott Out From Under (Pauper Sky)

 9. I See Hawks In L.A. Live And Never Learn (Western Skies)  

10. Judy Collins Living/True Stories And Other Dreams/Judith

11. Taivi Raising Tide (Taivi Music)

12. Nico Wayne Toussaint Plays James Cotton (DixieFrogs)