1. Brooks Williams Lucky Star (Red Guitar Blue Music)   

 2. Daniel Crabtree In The
     Shadow Of His Wings (Daniel

 3. David Gerald N2U (David
     Gerald Enterprises)

 4. Tom Peterson Black Hills Gold
    (Moon House) 

 5. Johnny Gimble The Texas
     Fiddle Collection (CMH)  

 6. Ed Romanoff The Orphan King (Pinerock)

 7. Mario Rojas & A Saturday Night Pink Lost Angelino (Mario Rojas)

 8. Luke Winslow-King Blue Mesa (Bloodshot)

 9. Daniel Greeson Done Gone (Patuxent Music)  

10. Eva Cassidy Acoustic (Blix Street)   

11. Rab Noakes Welcome To Anniversaryville (Neon)

12. Wild Boars Strangers In A Familiar Land (Wild Boars)