1.  Ana Egge White Tiger (Storysound)        

2.    Son Of The Velvet Rat The Late
     Show (Son Of The Velvet Rat)   

 3. Raven And Red We Rise Up (Wild
     Raven Music)

3.  Johanna Sillanpaa From This Side

 5. Dewey And Leslie Brown & The
     Carolina Gentlemen Under The
     Mountain (Liberty Showcase)

 6. Joe Goldmark Blue Steel (Lo-Ball)   

 7. Aztec Two-Step Naked (Aztec Two-Step)

 8. ESOEBO IV (Knot Reel)

 9. Ry Cooder The Prodigal Son (Fantasy)     

10. Buddy Guy Stone Crazy! (Alligator)   

11. Tas Crus Memphis Song (Subcat)

12. Michael Sagmeister Power Of Resistance (Acoustic Music)