1. Tia McGraff Stubborn In My Blood (Bandana)    

 2. Julie Felix Rock Me Goddes

 3. Judy Collins Home Again +
     Times Of Our Lives (BGO)

 4. The Carnivaleros Tallsome
     Tales (The Carnivaleros) 

 5. Steve Howell & The Mighty
     Men Good As I Been To You
     (Out Of  The Past) 

 6. James Cook The Tales Of A Brown Buffalo (James Cook)   

 7. Trailhead Keep Walking Requa)

 8. Martha L. Healy Keep The Flame Alight (Martha L. Healy)       

 9. Malcolm Holcombe Come Hell Or High Water (Proper)  

10. Frank Newsome Gone Away With A Friend (Free Dirt)

11. J.P. Soars  Southbound I-95  (Soars High)          

12. Vanja Sky Bad Penny (Ruf)