1. Tim Grimm & The Family Band – A Stranger In This Time

 2. Jack Tempchin: Peaceful Easy Feeling:
     The Songs Of Jack Tempchin
     (Blue Elan) 

 3. Sleepy Driver – Sugar Skull (Black Bell

 4. Tim Henderson – The Legacy
      Collection, Vol. 1: Gone To Texas
     (Snake Hollow Music)

 5. Lara & The Bluz Dawgs – Out Here In
     The Blue (Lara & The Bluz Dawgs) 

 6. Donna Ulisse – Breakin’ Easy (Hadley Music Group) 

 7. Kelly Z – Rescue (Kelly’s Lot) 

 8. Boris McCutcheon – I’m Here Let Me In (Boris McCutcheon)

 9. Mark Lavengood – We’ve Come Along (Earthwork Music) 

10. Andy T Band featuring Alabama Mike – Double Strike (American
      Showplace Music)

11. Steve Youg – Seven Bridges Road: The Complete Recordings (Ace)

12. The Handle – Last Stop, Scroadsville!