1. Darden Smith Everything (Compass)

 2. John Strider Soul Reunion (New

 3. Michael Lanning Modern Sounds In
    Love & Cynicism! (Lily Bird Music)

 4. Paper Bird Paper Bird (Sons Of

 5. Hooray For The Riff Raff -  The
    Navigator (ATO)

 6. Wayne Hancock Singing Rhythm

 7. Patty Reese Let In The Sun (Azalea City) 

 8. The Furious Seasons Look West (Stonegarden)

 9. Geoff Achison Another Mile, Another Minute (Jupiter 2) 

10. Hazel Dickens, Carol Elizabeth & Ginny Hawker Heart Of A Singer 

11. Darren Hume Book Of Heart (Cityfire Music)

12. Rune Rudberg Kindly Keep It Country (Stager)