1. Lisa Biales The Beat Of My Heart (Big Song Music)

 2. Stan Fisher The Trees Are  Laughing

 3. Bryan Sutton The More I Learn (Sugar

 4. Mark Brine Old Timey Tunes (KJK)  

 5. Garth Brooks Gunslinger (Peark)

 6. Kelly Pardekooper City At Night (Kelly Pardekooper)

 7. Oscar Harris Mixed Up (Oscar Harris)

 8. The Texas Horns Blues Gotta Hold Me (Vizztone)

 9. Smoking Time Jazz Club Make A Tadpole Holler Whale (STJC) 

10. VV.AA. Cohorts & Collaborators: Songs Written With Waddie
    (Western Jubilee)

11. VV.AA. Highway Prayer: A Tribute To Adam Carroll (Eight30)

12. Trailerpark Idlers Alligator Days (Something Wicked)