1. John Henegan & His Henpecked Husbands Ever Felt The Pain (East River)

 2. Brian Cullman The Opposite Of Time (Sunny


 3. Evie Ladin Band Jump The Fire (Evie Ladin)

 4. Deer Creek Boys What Goes Up (Mountain


 5. Dallas Turner 25 Cowboy Classics (Rural


 6. Boo Boo Davis One Chord Blues (Black & Tan)   

 7. Vaneese Thomas The Long Journey Home (Segue)  

 8. Nancy McKellion Opossum And Praties (Nancy McKellion)

 9. Los Texas Wranglers Welcome To Conjunto, Texas (Deep South Productions)

10. John McDounough Surrounding Colors (John McDonough)

11. The Kat Kings Swinging In The Swamp (Kevin McQuade)

12. Winter Mountain I Swear I Flew (Astral Fox)