1. The Earls Of Leicester Rattle & Roar (Rounder)   

 2. Tim Stafford Just Hear The Whislte Blow

  (Tim Stafford)

 3. Albert Castiglia Big Dog (Ruf)

 4. John Hammond Mirrors (Real Gone Music)   

 5. The Youngers Picture Of Your (Let It Rock)  

 6. Katy Too Nine Lives (PedalPoing)

 7. Dietrich Strause How Cruel That Hunger Binds (Dietrich Strause)  

 8. Keegan McInroe Uncouth Pilgrims (Keegan McInroe)

 9. Giulia Millanta Moonbeam Parade (Crickety Music)  

10. Bill Sims Jr. Blues 101 Before Sunrise (Organic) 

11. VV.AA. Bob Dylan Uncovered Vol. 2 (Paradiddle)

12. Michael Logen New Medicine
(Back Room Racket)