1. Colvin & Earle Colvin & Earle (Concord)         

 2. The Danberrys Give & Receive (The


 3. Robert Nash The Ghost Of Your Old Love

  (Robert Nash)

 4. Coty Hogue Flight (Coty Hogue)   

 5. Kimmie Rhodes Cowgirl Boudoir (Sunbird)  

 6. Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders Truck Ride (Dan Whitaker)

 7. Guy King Truth (Delmark)  

 8. VV.AA. Blues Harp Women (Ruf)

 9. The Jayhawks Paging Mr. Proust (Sham)

10. Krist Kristofferson The Complete Monument And Columbia Album Collection


11. Rupert Wates Colorado Mornings (Bike Music Ltd.)

12. Jamie Harper Old Pal (Mountain Fever)