1. Paul Alan Coons The Ride Of Life (Universal Sound)

 2. The Ranchlands Driven (Farmers Market Music)

 3. Mark Tolstrup The Back Roads Of America (  

 4. A.J. Roach Revelation (Waterbug)

 5. Tom Stevens Home (Avebury)

 6. The Avett Brothers Emotionalism (Ramseur)

 7. Duncan Earl Walters Guardian (Spent Round)

 8. Tommy Webb Eastern Kentucky (Kindred)

  9. Phillip Clarkson Im Not As Think As You Drunk I Am (South Fork)

10. Stace England & The Salt Kings Salt Sex Slaves (Outsider)

11. Stacy Mitchhart Gotta Get That Feeling Back Again (White Chocolate)

12. VV.AA. The Fine Art Of Music (CoraZong)