1. Linda McLean – Betty’s Room (Mandolin)  

2. Rhonda Grant – Rhonda Grant (Rhonda Grant Music)

3. Michele Greene – Ojo De Tiburon (Appleseed)

4. Little Feat – Kickin’ It At The Barn (Hot Tomatos)

5. Joyce-Meré – Pack Up My Dreams & Go Home (From The Inside)

6. Last Days Of April – If You Lose It (Bad Taste)

7. The Sundowners – Chicago Country Legends (Bloodshot)

8. Sarah Pierce – Love’s The Only Way (Little Bear)

9. Eric Taylor – The Kerrville Tapes (Silverwolf)

10. The Outsiders – Wonderin’ Which Way To Go (Comstock)

11. Jason Walker & The Last Drinks – Ashes & Wine (Loughing Outlaw)

12. VV.AA. – Just Because I’m A Woman: Songs Of Dolly Parton (Sugar Hill)


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