1. Bucksworth The Cajon Passages (Silent John)

2. Jim Stringer & The AM Band In My Hand (The Music Room)

3. Michael Peterson Modern Man (AGR)

4. Michael Roach Cypress Grove (Stella)   

5. Sauce Boss Come And Get It! (Burning Disk)

6. Mary Prankster Lemonade Live (Palace Coup)

7. Razzor Dixxon Razzor Dixxon (Wild Oats)

8. Tavson Brothers Time Changes Everything (Wild Oats)  

9. Cisco 7740 Valmont St. (Little Dog)

10. Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers True Stories (Telarc)

11. Ginger Leigh Charge Laughing (Fresh Ears)

12. Moses Wiggins Troubadour (Brambus)