1. Randy Thompson – That’s Not Me (Jackpot)

2. George Hamilton IV – Songs Of Faith And Inspiration (RGO)

3. Mandy – On The Other Side (Arizona)

4. Enrico Crivellaro – Key To My Kingdom (Electro-Fi)

5. VV.AA. – Moon Over The Downs/The Trailer Star Tribute (Super Tiny)

6. Maurice Mattei – And A Room Full Of Victims (Markey)

7. Anna Fermin’s Trigger Gospel – Oh, The Stories We Hold (Undertow)

8. Tom Russell – Indian Cowboys Horses Dogs (Hightone)

9. Tommy Alverson – Me On The Jukebox (Tow Of A Kind)

10. Terry Allen – Juarez (Sugar Hill)

11. Kenny Hall & The Skiffle Symphony – All Day Long/All Night Long (Own

12. Robert Lockwood Jr. – The Legend Live (M.C.)