1. Scott MacLeod Scott MacLeod (Own Label)

 2. Dale Boyle Small Town Van Gogh (Route 132)  

 3. Billy Chernoff A Better Way (Spotted Pony)  

 4. Michelle Phelps Honey From A Thorn (Honeythorn)

 5. Jude Johnstone Blue Light (BoJak)

 6. Samuel Thornton Samuel Thornton (IVOLV)

 7. Dollar Store Money Music (Bloodshot)

 8. Boo Boo Davis Drew, Mississippi (Black & Tan)

 9. Molly Maher & Her Disbelievers Balms Of Gilead (House Of Mercy)  

10. Kim McAbee Crystal Palace Live (Comstock)

11. Peggy Seeger Three Score And Ten (Appleseed)

12. Lou Vargo American Disaster (Own Label)